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6 people whose lives are changing the abortion debate

by | Mar 26, 2015

By Kristi Burton Brown

Baby Noah

Baby Noah

1) 12-week-old Noah

Noah died during a miscarriage at 12 weeks and 5 days. His mother willingly shared an amazing photo of his tiny human body so that others could see the humanity of the preborn child with their own eyes.

“If [Noah] could help show one mother considering abortion the beauty of her child,” Noah’s mother said. “Then our loss would be worth it.”

This article describes what happens to babies who are aborted at Noah’s age and younger.

Adelaide Caines

Adelaide Caines

2) Adelaide Caines

Born at 24 weeks, Adelaide died before her birth day was over. But her parents were compelled to let the world see their beautiful daughter and the reality of who abortion kills:

“Our picture shows Adelaide was not a feotus; she was a fully formed human being, and to think that a baby like her could be legally terminated on grounds of a lifestyle choice is to me is horrifying,” Caines explained.

Adelaide’s parents have chosen to publicly release the photo of their baby girl in a bid to reopen the debate on the legal limit for abortion, saying what they witnessed in their daughter’s short life “makes a mockery out of the 24 week legal limit.”

3) Walter Joshua Fretz

Baby Walter cuddled up to his mom.

Baby Walter cuddled up to his mom.

When baby Walter was miscarried at 19 weeks, his parents decided to celebrate him and capture a few brief moments of his precious life. His photos went viral, and countless people throughout the world have seen that babies inside the womb – who are so often aborted – are undeniably human beings.

NathanIsaiah4) Nathan Isaiah

Born just after the first trimester, this tiny baby was unquestionably human. His mother said:

“My heart is heavy. He was so perfectly formed. No one can deny [that] 13-week-and-4-day-old baby wasn’t a baby. He is delicately put together. You can see every detail. I know God will use him to bring glory to His kingdom, and for that, I am thankful.”

5) Christian Buchanan

Christian’s mother, Lacey, made this YouTube video telling their story. People told her to abort, or wondered why she didn’t when they saw Christian’s disability. But Lacey had always been convinced that Christian – and all other children – are valuable, despite any condition, disability, or difficult circumstance they or their parents may face. Christian has showed the world that every child deserves a chance to live.

Under her video, Lacey writes:

“This is my plea to anyone considering abortion. Rethink your decision, no matter the circumstances. I am so glad I chose life!”

David Raphael

David Raphael

6) David Raphael

David is the youngest of the babies in this list, and yet he equally proves the humanity of every preborn child. His humanity challenges assumptions that are commonly made about abortion.

David was only seven weeks old – an age when many abortions occur in the U.S. Babies like David are suctioned apart and ripped from their mothers’ wombs on a daily basis.

The scientific organization, The Endowment for Human Development, explains what babies at David’s age can do:

From seven to seven-and-a-half weeks, tendons attach leg muscles to bones, and knee joints appear.  Also by seven-and-a-half weeks, the hands can be brought together, as can the feet. The embryo also kicks, and will jump if startled.

The baby’s heart has also been beating for a month, and brain waves have been readable since six weeks. (See videos of babies at David’s age here.)

Emma Jones and Christopher Goodger with photos of their sons Tyler and Riley.

Emma Jones and Christopher Goodger with photos of their sons Tyler and Riley.

7) Riley Goodger

Little Riley was born in Wales at 22 weeks old. Even though he breathed and lived on his own for over 90 minutes, medical staff refused to help him stay alive. Since he was under 24 weeks old, doctors didn’t deem him worth saving since they believed he might die or have disabilities anyway.

But Riley is showing the world that babies at all ages want to fight for their lives and deserve to be fought for. The abortion limit in Wales is 24 weeks. Riley was younger that this, and he valiantly demonstrated that incredibly tiny children are still living human beings, no matter their size or level of development.

Note: For more on the humanity of preborn children, see this article, and visit The Endowment for Human Development online. To find out 10 amazing things that happen to babies before birth – all in the first trimester when most abortions happen – go here.

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