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British mom mistakenly given abortifacient but her unborn baby survives

by | Mar 23, 2015

While anxious about the effects, says she will love baby “whatever”

By Dave Andrusko

Rachel Nicholson

Rachel Nicholson

The Mirror, a British newspaper, is reporting that a 23-year-old woman, thought to have suffered a miscarriage, was given an abortifacient only to find out later that her baby had miscarried and had survived the unnamed chemical.

But Rachel Nicholson is both overjoyed that her baby is alive and fearful her baby (now 17 weeks along) will be injured and could be born with disabilities as a result of the chemicals.

According to Ben Rossington, just before Christmas, Rachel Nicholson learned she was pregnant. However at a January scan

a nurse failed to pick up a heartbeat on a scan and said the baby was gone.

Staff then gave distraught Rachel the abortion pill to prevent infection and to remove the foetus.

She was in physical and mental agony for weeks as her relationship with her partner disintegrated under the strain.

But three weeks after taking the abortifacient, she collapsed. Rachel was rushed to the hospital where she discovered she was still pregnant. Rossington writes

Rachel, who is now 17 weeks into the pregnancy, said: “As soon as I was told there was a heartbeat I burst into floods of tears.”

“This has been the worst time of my life,” Rachel told Rossington. “I feel like I’ve had the first taste of motherhood – buying clothes, picking names and the excitement – ripped from me. Instead, I’m left with fear and worry.”

But while Rachel (who suffered a miscarriage last year) is anxious, she is also overjoyed.

“I don’t know how he or she will turn out but I do know I will love them whatever.”

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