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Celebrating abortionists who “enjoy their work”: some thoughts on the “National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers”

by | Mar 11, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

The Rev. Harry Knox

The Rev. Harry Knox

I went back and forth—and forth and back—several times yesterday, trying to decide whether to say anything about the annual “National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers.” By the time I decided, it was too late in the day to post.

While this may be a case of better never than late, here are some thoughts.

I’m not going to dwell on the obvious. No matter where your opinion falls on the spectrum, you almost have to force yourself not to retch when you think about abortionist Kermit Gosnell, convicted of three counts of first-degree murder for delivering huge babies alive and then killing them by cutting their spinal cords.

The usual set tried to distance themselves from this “outlier,” but their hearts weren’t really in it. So instead they tried to blame pro-lifers!

And, contrary to the Planned Parenthood set, Gosnell was and is not unique.

When I read some of the tributes, it didn’t surprise me that some smuggled in the God word, as in “Thank God for Abortion Providers.” March 10 does seem to the preferred day for invoking God’s blessings on men who slaughter His creations.

The most prominent examples were the turn-to duo of The Rev. Harry Knox, President and CEO, Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, and Willie Parker, the itinerant abortionist who self-baptizes his bloody work on a regular basis.

Posting (where else?) on Huffington Post, Knox celebrates the legacy of abortionist George Tiller, who was killed in 2009. Tiller specialized in late, late abortions, babies so developed no doubt even he might have had trouble compartmentalizing what he was doing.

But to Knox, it is no exaggeration to say he believes Tiller was not only a martyr, but also a kind of secular saint:

He didn’t see a division between his faith and his vocation. He was serving on the board of directors of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice at the time of his murder; the American flag that draped his coffin adorns RCRC’s conference room as a holy relic. Dr. Tiller worked tirelessly to ensure abortion-seekers knew they were safe in the deep love God has for them.

Abortionist George Tiller

Abortionist George Tiller

I could comment on this blasphemy, but I will resist the temptation.

As for Parker, he was the subject of a long profile in Esquire, written by Renee Bracey Sherman. We wrote about Sherman last month as she discussed “one of the best decisions of my life”—her abortion.

Just as Tiller was said not to have seen “a division between his faith and his vocation,” Parker’s machine-like efficiency in aborting as many as 45 babies a day when he flies into Mississippi is just an extension of his “activism in the Civil Rights movement.” (Or, as Sherman put it, the two “fused.”)

You can read the whole interview, so let me take just one illustrative example of Parker’s self-adulation (trust me, there are many to choose from).

Referring to women with unplanned pregnancies, Parker said

The deep compassion that I had for them led me to conclude that if I didn’t do this for women, who would?

But he goes further. Nobody can tell Parker that being an abortionist for hire is in conflict with being a Christian. It’s just the opposite:

I would hold that I am an example of someone who has deeply held spiritual beliefs that are rooted in a Christian understanding and it is because of that understanding that I began to provide abortions, because the aspect of Christianity that moves me most is the notion of compassion for your fellow human being.

To Parker, “Your fellow human being” doesn’t include the most defenseless human being. Nor does it occur to him that there is nothing remotely compassionate about “answering” a crisis pregnancy with curete, cannula, and forceps.

He ends the interview with

I know it’s hard for people to understand that by providing abortions I enjoy my work, but if they’re listening closely, what they’ll hear is I enjoy helping women nobody else is willing to help.

What a guy. What a bunch.

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