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Lying Nevada Suicide Bill Lights Doctors’ Pants on Fire

by | Mar 19, 2015

By Wesley J. Smith

Wesley Smith

Wesley Smith

Assisted suicide is best done in the darkness. How else explain the new trend in legalization schemes to force assisted suicide death doctors to lie on death certificates–thereby eradicating any and all transparency. Now Nevada. From SB 336:

The person who signs the medical certificate of death of a patient who dies after self-administering a controlled substance that is designed to end the life of the patient in accordance with the provisions of sections 3 to 26, inclusive, of this act shall specify the terminal condition with which the patient was diagnosed as the cause of death of the patient.

And presto-chango, doctors are forced to intentionally falsify public records–an illegal act in any other context! Assisted suicide corrupts everything it touches.

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