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Nebraska RTL hosts Pro-Life Legislative Day, lobbies for pro-life bills

by | Mar 20, 2015

By Julie Schmit-Albin, Executive Director, Nebraska Right to Life

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts addressing Pro-Life Legislative Day

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts addressing Pro-Life Legislative Day

Nebraska Right to Life hosted Pro-Life Legislative Day at the State Capitol on March 18th with 30 citizen lobbyists in attendance.  Pro-lifers heard remarks from Governor Pete Ricketts and state Senators Bill Kintner and Tommy Garrett regarding pro-life legislation introduced this session.

Pro-lifers were briefed on the legislation and the process of the nation’s only Unicameral (one-house) system. They also proceeded to the Rotunda and called their senators off the floor to present them information packets and visit with them.

Sponsored by Sen. Kintner, LB 187 would strengthen Nebraska’s Informed Consent statute by directing the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) to create a web page within its web site that brings together all of the existing Informed Consent on Abortion information. It would also link to a 4-D ultrasound web site. LB 187 also requires that anti-coercion posters be posted in abortion facility waiting areas and consultation rooms stating that it is against the law for anyone to be coerced into having an abortion and if they feel coerced then the abortion facility cannot legally perform the abortion.

NebraskalobbydayreThe three abortion facilities in the state–Planned Parenthood of the Heartland in Omaha and Lincoln and LeRoy Carhart’s facility in Bellevue– would be required to provide a link from their web sites to the DHHS Informed Consent web site.

LB 114 would move Nebraska’s abortion facilities from the DHHS status of “health clinics” to “ambulatory surgical centers.” This would require them to meet more stringent health and safety standards.

Sen. Beau McCoy sponsored the measure. According to the Associated Press, McCoy said, “I think we would agree we would want anyone who would enter the doors of an abortion clinic to hopefully have the same standard of care they would receive in any other clinical environment across Nebraska.”

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