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“October Baby” actress shares real-life journey that included an abortion as a teenager in new book, “Beautifully Flawed”

by | Mar 2, 2015

By Dave Andrusko


Shari Rigby, left, discussing "October Baby"

Shari Rigby, left, discussing “October Baby”

It seems like only yesterday, but, gosh, we first started talking about the pro-life film “October Baby” over three years ago! The film remains one of my favorites.

But why am I talking about the film today? Because the mother in the film [played by Shari Rigby] of “Hanna” [the young woman at the heart of the film, played by Rachel Hendrix] has a new book out. It’s titled “.”

As I read a some interviews, I was reminded (again) that one of the film’s most important contributions which I should have paid more attention to was not actually in the film. It came during the film’s end credits where filmmakers Jon Erwin and his brother, Andrew, included an interview clip of Rigby, who plays Hanna’s post-abortive mother.

Back in 2012, writing at, Jael Zeballos told us about how

“Rigby shares how her role in the film mirrored her own life, to the surprise of the filmmakers who did not know that she had undergone an abortion in real life when they offered her the part of the mother. For Rigby, the role offered a chance to disclose a long-held secret, to find healing, and give voice to the story of so many women who have undergone abortions.

“’It was easier to get rid of the child, to not be questioned again, rather than to have a child and be looked at the time like another failure,’ Rigby says of the circumstances surrounding her abortion, breaking down in tears. ‘So many times, especially as young women, we carry that burden that we’re going to look like a failure, that it’s shameful. And you can hide a secret for a long time, of abortion, unless you really speak about it.’

In one of the most gripping scenes towards the end of the movie, Rigby’s character and Rigby herself, found healing in the forgiveness of God. On filming that scene, she says:

“’We went into it and I remember the cameras rolling and I just, right as I walked into the room, I just knew that the Lord was with me and it was just complete healing…that wasn’t acting, that was my moment with God and Him with me, saying ‘it’s okay, it’s over, and you’ve been forgiven.

Written by Emma Koonse, the review/interview posted at Christian Post [] tells us that Rigby “is opening up about her own life story.”

And without spoiling the book, suffice it to say Rigby does have a testimony— “her teenage pregnancy, marriage, adultery, drugs and rock-n-roll lifestyle to a career woman desperate for love in all the wrong places”—which, as a mature Christian, she can now openly share.

Rigby’s role in “October Baby” brought her full circle to the abortion she herself had as a teenager.

Her message for post-abortive women is powerfully reassuring, comforting, and a source of strength:

“The book basically ends with the message that God redeems us and restores us,” Rigby continued. “As long as He calls us and we say yes, He can do anything with that story that He feels fit. And in our flaws He makes us perfect. I just thought this is a really cool way to present itself, my life was crazy but God took everything and used it for his glory and I get to share it, and people hold the same things back. It’s an expression just to say, ‘Learn to appreciate your flaws and love yourself,’ instead of being held captive by them.”

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