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To pro-abortionist, truth-telling is a “cynical plan”

by | Mar 16, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

twobabiesI know I should never smile when I read pro-abortion “analyses,” but the headline was enough to make me chuckle: “The GOP has a cynical plan to slowly turn you pro-life.”

What in the world could s.e. Smith be talking about at

Hypnosis? A kind of reverse truth serum? Secret Society-esque plotting?

Actually, nothing so esoteric. What Smith is hyperventilating over is simply the ABCs of political persuasion but turned into a sinister game plan to (you guessed it) fool an unsuspecting and (although she doesn’t use the word) gullible public.

Let’s see what there is about the “plan” that is so “cynical” it could turn Joe and Judy Average Citizen into pro-lifers.

Pro-lifers “cynically” refuse to try to ban every single abortion in one fell swoop. Oh. Seems to me in the 1960s when the pro-death set was taking out after protective state laws, they began with the hardest of the hard cases—incrementally—the very tactic Smith lambasts pro-lifers for using now.

Pro-lifers “cynically” would ban abortions on pain-capable unborn children when there are only “x” number of abortions. If there are so few, why do the Smiths of this world fight to keep them legal? Could it be (a) because there is no abortion they would ever prevent and (b) because the fall-back ploy—these are all terminally ill babies who would “die anyway” —is patently false.

Pro-lifers “cynically” are “even taking a look at medication abortion” which is safe, safe, and safe! First of all. medication abortion (chemical abortions—“RU-486” abortions) are not nearly as safe as Smith assures us they are. Second, requiring abortionists to be in the same room as the pregnant woman means a physician is there if something does go wrong. And third, the pro-abortion set is already vigorously pushing to have women by-pass everyone except the drugstore pharmacist where she would pick up the two potent drugs. Just two more….

Pro-lifers “cynically” insist on rearing up a successor generation. “The movement is getting much younger overall, with young adults taking a highly active role in pro-life organizing.” One way is the “soft sell”–making use of ultrasound technology. “Instead of waving bloody fetus signs at abortion clinics, the youthful movement is buying up bulletin boards and plastering them with ultrasound,” Smith laments.

Finally, pro-lifers are “cynically” becoming “extremely intelligent when it comes to leveraging wedges wherever it can.“ What does Smith mean by this?


We are “cynically” insisting it is not okay to kill unborn babies because they are girls rather than boys or less than perfect, “citing depressing statistics about the frequency of such abortions.”

You get the idea. People will slowly become pro-life not because they will come to realize that they oppose the reasons 90% of all abortions are performed; not because they oppose the ugly sexism that is part of sex-selection abortion; and certainly not because they are deeply uncomfortable with the eugenic overtones of killing unborn babies because they have Down syndrome.

Naw, they will gradually come our way only because we have a “cynical plan.”

To which I would respond, if you believe that, you will believe anything.

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