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Another example of a man employing drugs to abort an unborn baby

by | Mar 11, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

Dr. Thomas A,. Pfeiffer, right, walks out of court on Tuesday with his attorney, Mitchell Elman.  Patricia Doxsey — Daily Freeman

Dr. Thomas A,. Pfeiffer, right, walks out of court on Tuesday with his attorney, Mitchell Elman.
Patricia Doxsey — Daily Freeman

Another example of  a boyfriend using drugs to abort unborn babies confirms once again that this form of coerced abortion may be far more prevalent than we think.

The Mirror, a British newspaper, reported yesterday than an unnamed man who twice tried to abort his girlfriend’s baby, will be sentenced March 17.

John Shammas reported that the mother lost her baby at 12 weeks last March. In court yesterday, the woman, also unnamed, said, “He tried several times to convince me to have an abortion but it was not an option for me.”

According to Shammas, the man had previously purchased abortifacients online, slipped the pills into a smoothie but grew “concerned when it appeared to have not worked.”

“He grew worried that as a result of his botched attempt the child would be born with disabilties,” Shammas reported.

His second attempt succeeded at killing the baby.

He told the court, “I felt guilt and remorse, but I thought it was the only possible outcome.”

But Kaja Strandfjord, the prosecutor, responded, “He imported these substances. All of it was precisely and cynically planned.”

Meanwhile, a Red Hook, New York, anesthesiologist “accused of choking an acquaintance and forcing her to swallow a Plan B, or ‘morning after,” pill pleaded guilty Tuesday to a single count of harassment,” according to Patricia Doxsey, a reporter for the Daily Freeman.

The three stories online about the case are not exactly models of clarity. What we know for sure is that the Ulster County District Attorney’s Office reduced the original charges against Dr. Thomas A. Pfeiffer –“the felonies of abortion and strangulation and the misdemeanors of assault and criminal mischief”– to the “misdemeanors and violations and allowed the guilty plea to only harassment.”

Doxsey explained that on December 3, when deputies responding to a “no voice 911 call,” they found Pfeiffer involved in a violent dispute with the victim.

Brewster said deputies were told “by one or both” parties that the woman called Pfeiffer after taking a home pregnancy test that “came out positive” to inform him she was pregnant. Pfeiffer then went to a pharmacy, where he was able to purchase the over-the-counter drug without a prescription.

During the course of the dispute, Pfeiffer allegedly choked the woman and forced her to ingest a Plan B, or “morning after,” pill.

None of the stories explicitly stated what happened to the baby.

Since the “morning after” pill “works” [if it truly works at all] for only up to five days after intercourse, the narrative is confusing. How could the victim—reduced to “an acquaintance” in yesterday’s story—test positive on a pregnancy test if Pfeiffer was convinced Plan B would abort the baby?

Pfeiffer’s “sentence” was “a conditional discharge, contingent on his completion of the 33-week EVOLVE group counseling program run by Family of Woodstock for men who have committed domestic violence.”

For his part, Pfeiffer dismissed what happened as a “heated disagreement that got blown out of proportion,” adding “False accusations were made in the heat of the moment.”

Nothing was said about the victim in yesterday’s account of the brief hearing Tuesday night before Rosendale Town Justice Robert Vosper until the final two paragraphs:

Authorities said the woman suffered injuries to her throat and neck and was treated at HealthAlliance Hospital’s Broadway Campus in Kingston.

In addition to requiring Pfeiffer to complete the EVOLVE program, Vosper issued a “limited” order of protection requiring that Pfeiffer not harass the woman.

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