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Vote in this Poll and Help Prevent these Lethal Attacks

by | Mar 13, 2015

WedonteliminateAbortion is not just a concept. The act of abortion is an attack on an individual. A deadly attack.

And “assisted suicide,” as much as its proponents want us to believe, is not just a concept, a so-called “right.” It’s an attack on an individual, a deadly attack on the body; and often, when depression has led the patient to that point, a cruel attack on the mind as well.

Several state legislatures are considering bills to legalize this form of killing our fellow human beings. In one, Maryland, powerful testimony before a Senate committee included the witness of O.J. Brigance.

Brigance was once the picture of power and health. A linebacker for the Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens in 2000, Brigance now fights to even be able to move as a patient with amylotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

For that, some would want him to be killed.

Brigance is not bitter about that, but admits his condition initially led him to grieve.

Which is another reason advocates often give to kill someone through “assisted suicide.”

Yet, Brigance found his inner strength, made it clear he wanted to live, and now says “Because I decided to live life the best I could, there has been a ripple effect of goodness in the world. Since being diagnosed, I have done a greater good for society in eight years than in my previous 37 years on earth.”

The love and example this courageous man has given to the people he knows and to the world are worth more than a Super Bowl ring, more even than “my previous 37 years on earth,” in Brigance’s words.

What wisdom, what love for others, that a man suffering this trial sees his opportunity to do good for those he loves, and be an example for many who he doesn’t even know.

Yet, advocates of assisted suicide would suggest he’d be better off if our medical profession – “healers” – snuffed out his life.

The Baltimore Sun wrote about Brigance’s testimony and is now asking in an online poll “Should Maryland allow physicians to prescribe a life-ending drug for certain terminally ill patients, as two bills propose?”

Pro-lifers – no, all Americans who are against lethal attacks on any human being – should vote in this poll, and answer with a resounding “No.”

Please click here to vote in the Sun poll.

Please vote, because we don’t eliminate problems by eliminating the people to whom problems happen. The love O.J. Brigance has shown with his life is wonderful testimony to that.

Please support that love by expressing your view.


Carol Tobias,
National Right to Life President

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