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Website launches interactive ‘choose your own abortion adventure game

by | Mar 3, 2015

By Cassy Fiano

mountrushmore3Remember those books that you read as a kid?

You would read to the end of one chapter, and then be faced with a choice. The results of that choice would vary throughout the book, leaving you facing heroic or hilarious antics or even death.

Now, pro-abortion feminists have decided to snag that brilliant idea and turn it into a “choose your own abortion adventure” game, as Newsbusters author Kristine Marsh described it.

This is Fusion, a new website that includes contributors, such as Jezebel Founding Editor Anna Holmes, [who] has created an interactive game that allows you to make decisions for a young woman living in South Dakota, the most evil anti-abortion state ever.

The “game” is obviously stacked against keeping the baby.

All of the scenarios indicate that having an abortion as quickly as possible — or even better, taking the morning after pill — is the best decision a woman in this situation could take.

pregnancytestsBut even with all of the outlandish situations that prevent her from having an abortion until she’s 24 weeks along, past the point of viability, an option is never provided for her to change her mind about having an abortion. As far as the game is concerned, once the decision is made, it’s over. Abortion or bust, apparently, because once you reach a certain point, nowhere is the option “keep the baby” provided.

What if the woman does choose to keep the baby?

If [the player] chooses to have the woman keep the baby, then she either still ends up having the abortion because of a partial placental abruption, or she has the baby and ends up sick, in premature labor, and with mountains of debt.

Even in the few “happy” scenarios, the game constantly puts pressure on the woman to choose abortion and reconsider keeping the child. The goal is obviously to pressure the “player” into choosing abortion no matter what. Considering that women are very often pressured or coerced into abortion, it’s especially shameful.

The fact is, abortion is not a game. It is a life-or-death decision every single time. To applaud something that trivializes abortion and encourages the taking of a preborn’s child life is truly disturbing, yet all too indicative of the abortion movement today.

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