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A pro-abortion president’s pro-life slip of the tongue

by | Apr 20, 2015

By Dave Andrusko


Pro-abortion President Barack Obama

A tip of the hat to our friends at and Terence P. Jeffrey in particular for alerting readers to a slip of the presidential tongue.

The setting was last Thursday and a “Working Families Champions of Change” event. While praising “Champions of Change,” the President patted his own administration on its collective back for everything but finding a cure for the common cold.

But from our single-issue point of view the most revealing comment came about half way into his speech about working families. As Mr. Jeffrey points out “President Obama let it slip that he knows unborn babies have feet that kick.” Mr. Obama said

“Too many women face unnecessary difficulties on the job [such as] being reprimanded or fired for taking too many bathroom breaks when you’re pregnant. Clearly that’s a man making that decision because they don’t have five pounds of kicks pressing down on their bladder. “

NRL News and NRL News Today have documented Mr. Obama’s long anti-life record, so we can 100% sure he didn’t mean to suggest that “five pounds of kicks” deserves legal protection.

As NRLC explained in great detail in 2008 and many times subsequently, this is the same man who, as an Illinois state Senator, was responsible for killing legislation to provide care and protection for babies who were born alive after an abortion. NRLC also showed that he later misrepresented the contents of the bill in question. Some of these babies were being put aside in cold hospital pans and left to die. No treatment was being given to them, no comfort care, no hope.

And after all, (as we wrote about on Friday), this is the same man who, as a candidate in 2008, said it was “above my pay grade” when Rick Warren asked him and Senator John McCain “At what point does a baby get human rights in your view?”

The same man who said at a town hall meeting in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, if either of his daughters were someday to “make a mistake,” that “I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

So surely his remark last week was “off-message.” So sad the President hadn’t had a change of heart.

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