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Abortion advocate sings disturbing ‘Kill Your Unborn’ song at Ohio State University

by | Apr 16, 2015

By Christina Martin

OSU-songJust when you think you’ve seen it all on social media, this video surfaces. Created Equal, a pro-life non-profit organization, released a video of a man at Ohio State University singing a song about killing unborn children. As you can imagine, this is not a lullaby. The words to the song include these lyrics, “The last thing we need is another mouth to feed….Kill your unborn.”

An OSU student remarked:

Darin Scott Heavilin Jr. As a student at Ohio State, this is sickening and extremely troubling…

Someone else recognized the singer’s guitar had stickers supporting various rights for humans, yet his song denies rights to the preborn, the most vulnerable of all.

Niles Deering Anti-swastika sticker: stands up for the rights of all races.

Equality sticker: stands up for rights of gay individuals.

Unborn babies: kill them.

So logical…

This video is more than just troubling; it’s truly sad. My initial response to the video is summed up in the comment of one young woman who wrote, “breaks my heart.”

The students at OSU and across our country deserve so much more than sick songs about taking human life. Life is a precious gift, one that should never be taken for granted or mocked.

If you’re creeped out after watching that clip, check out this beautiful song by artist Lauryn Hill. It’s a touching song about her choice to give birth to her son, Zion, even when others thought it would get in the way of her career. She sings:

Woe this crazy circumstance
I knew his life deserved a chance
But everybody told me to be smart
Look at your career they said
Lauryn, baby use your head
But instead I chose to use my heart

My hope is that creative individuals will use their gifts and talents to share messages that promote the beauty and value of life.

Editor’s note. This appeared at and reprinted with permission.

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