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Abortion was, is, and will continue to be an important issue in elections

by | Apr 29, 2015

By Karen Cross, National Right to Life Political Director

we vote prolife 2As political pundits talk increasingly about the 2016 election cycle, we know that biased pro-abortion media will claim that abortion will not be an issue in the election.

Yet a CBS Poll released March 29, 2015, asked Republicans if they would consider voting for a presidential candidate who holds a different view on abortion than they did. Interestingly it was a deal-breaker for 51% questioned, who said they would NOT vote for someone with a different view on abortion. Abortion was the second highest “deal-breaker” for Republicans.

In 2014, 23% of voters across the nation said that the abortion issue affected their vote and voted for candidates who oppose abortion. Just 16% said abortion affected their vote and voted for candidates who favor abortion. This 7% net gain for pro-life candidates made the difference in many races.

Another way to look at it: in 2014, 39% of all voters said abortion affected their vote. Of those who considered abortion important, 59% voted for the pro-life candidate.

National Right to Life’s political entities were actively involved in 74 federal races nationwide. We won 76% of those close races.

In fact, in the last election cycle, 28% of those voting for the pro-life Republican in their congressional race recalled being contacted by National Right to Life, whether by receiving a mailing, hearing a radio ad, receiving a phone call, or receiving hand-distributed literature.

National Right to Life’s national network, combined with its experienced staff, volunteers, and grassroots base, make it a formidable force that is able to provide get-out-the-vote efforts that are key to pro-life election successes.

Amazingly, National Right to Life and its political entities mailed 3,300,000 pieces to pro-life households nationwide, ran 33,000 radio ads on conservative and Christian radio, called 1,500,000 pro-life households nationwide, hand-distributed 1,300,000 pieces of literature, emailed 2,500,000 voters, and reached 3,500,000 people through social media.

The abortion issue was, is and will remain important, because regardless of the media’s opinion, National Right to Life and its political entities will continue to remind people of the extreme positions of pro-abortion candidates, who support abortion on demand for any reason, and the reasonable positions of those who are pro-life, who will vote to protect from abortion unborn children 20 weeks and older who can feel pain.

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