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After Roe, proabortion forces changed from promoting abortion as a “right” to using the word “choice”

by | Apr 9, 2015

Editor’s note. This first appeared at Clinicquotes.

Historian Rickie Solinger

Historian Rickie Solinger

Pro-choice author Rickie Solinger talks about how feminist groups stop talking about abortion as a “right” and instead framed it as an issue of “choice” in order to appeal to the public:

…Until Roe, most activists claimed that “the right to control whether you’re pregnant or not [was] indivisible from the right to self-determination.”

The rights language, however, did not last very long… In a country weary of rights claims, choice became the way liberal and mainstream feminists could talk about abortion without mentioning the “A Word.” Many people believed that “choice” — a term that evoked women shoppers selecting among options in the marketplace — would be an easier sell; it offered “rights lite,” a package less threatening or disturbing than unadulterated rights.”

Rickie Solinger Beggars and Choosers (New York: Hill and Wang, 2001) p.5

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