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Concealed in Roseanne Barr’s pro-abortion rant are some very revealing admissions

by | Apr 21, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

Roseanne Barr

Roseanne Barr

NRL News Today has happily reposted several of Katie Yoder’s terrific columns on abortion. (See, for example,, and But her most recent column for Newsbusters–an interview comedian Roseanne Barr gave HuffPost’s Josh Zepps–we’ll just summarize.

Barr’s foul mouth is something we will write around. Why bother? Because there are a couple of very, very interesting concessions tucked in between the string of eight-letter epithets.

For example, she pulls up the usual nobody’s-business-but “hers and her doctor and her personal, whatever that is, that’s making her do that choice.” (emphasis added) Is that a back-handed admission that abortion is not always a free choice? Or that it is difficult and fraught with emotional freight, the very concessions that make the abortion establishment put its hair out?

But then, in the very next sentence, Barr says, in a much softer, quiet tone, “And the late ones, they really, really bother me, though. I’m like most Americans, that bothers me.”

Zepps clarifies, ”You mean late-term abortions?”


But this frank acknowledgement cannot be allowed to speak for itself. Barr quickly moves into her best rant mode, blaming late-term abortions on “red tape.” What follows is my best guess but when she talks about how “they force you to have a late-term because they’re gettin’ paid the whole [blankety blank] time,” who is Barr talking about?

No doubt in her confusion, she meant to blast pro-life legislators. But who are only ones who make more money if the baby is older when she/he is aborted? The abortionist!

One other quick point, circling back to “late-term” abortions. At the end of her post, Yoder includes a handful of Barr’s tasteless, venomous remarks.

But notice the first one: “I am PRO-LIFE because I believe in a woman[‘s] right to safe abortion until the 20th week of preg.”

This is just one more illustration why the Abortion Industry so fears the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Not only does that educate the American public to a central truth–that abortions take place late, late in pregnancy which makes even Roseanne Barr nervous–but also that by 20 weeks, the unborn child can feel horrific pain as she is torn apart.

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