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“Dear Abby” and Planned Parenthood: ignorance or deception?

by | Apr 16, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

PregnantTeen23We’re running a post today elsewhere on National Right to Life News Today about one of those “meet and greet” photo-ops that pro-abortion Hillary Clinton is already recording for campaign ads. The truly interesting fact is of the three people shown (all pre-selected Democratic activists), one from the Planned Parenthood of the Heartland (PPH), the gigantic affiliate that is growing like topsy.

I thought of PPH when I read commentary about the advice “Dear Abby” offered to a frightened 16-year-old who is pregnant, that appeared recently in her syndicated column. (For those who may not know, the originator of “Dear Abby”– Pauline Phillips–wrote the column herself from 1956 until 2000 when her daughter Jeanne Phillips became co-author. Jeanne Phillips became sole author in 2002.)

The young woman’s plight is obvious. Her mom is struggling to get her feet back on the ground after being in prison. The young girl lives with her grandparents who could not afford to support her baby. If her dad finds out, he will want her to abort–“but I would never choose that for myself or for my baby.”

She writes, “It seems like my only option is to move in with my boyfriend and his family while I finish school and then get a job. Please give me an unbiased perspective.”

To her credit Dear Abby starts from where “UNCERTAIN” is at: she is not going to kill her baby. So she advises her to tell her dad; “A loving father will give [help] to you.”


She also councils UNCERTAIN to go with her boyfriend to his parents “so that, if necessary, you will be able to stay with them. You must also be sure to have the best prenatal care possible, so your child will be born healthy.” And get a high school diploma!

Of course, there is much that is missing. There are other options– maternity homes and pregnancy resource centers that offer free help. So do many churches. And while the boyfriend is enthusiastic about the baby now, if his feelings should change, he is required to pay child support.

But Dear Abby doesn’t direct UNCERTAIN to these sources. She writes

Planned Parenthood has clinics where this care is offered, and you should contact it as soon as possible. If you check its website,, you also will find information about adoption.

PPFA offering “care”? PPFA and adoption? What does PPFA itself say in its 2013-14 annual report?

Abortions 327,653

Prenatal Services 18,684

Adoption Referrals to Other Agencies 1,880

18-1 abortions over prenatal services. 174-1 abortion over adoption referrals! As Dr. Randall K. O’Bannon, NRLC’s Director of Education, has written

Totaled together, those three services equal 348,217 services that necessarily involve pregnancy. As a percentage of these three services that Planned Parenthood performs specific to pregnant women, abortion represents 94.1%.

That this is not known is the ultimate source of PPFA’s considerable influence. Thus, people’s first thought can be that if a pregnant girl needs prenatal care or an adoption referral, send her unwittingly to the largest provider of abortions in the known galaxy.

We battle to present the truth about PPFA. It’s an uphill fight, made more difficult when its real business is shrouded in deception and people who should know better give it a thumbs up.

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