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Have you passed along stories from the April online issue of NRL News?

by | Apr 22, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

FrontcoverApril2015In one sense I believe I can answer my own query. When we did our statistical breakdown of readership recently, we found that a huge number of people reading NRL News TodayNRL News’ sister Monday through Saturday publication–were first-time visitors. I cannot say definitively, but it only makes sense that many/most of them found NRL News Today because someone passed along a story from NRL News.

Thank you!

Just a quick reminder. The April online edition of the “pro-life newspaper of record” is a whopping 40 pages long. In addition to the President’s column and my editorial, there are 32 stories!

Periodically, we’ve run stories from the issue which you can read in its entirety at We are again today.

Please take a moment to read the online edition of NRL News and pass selected stories–or the entire issue–along using your social networks.

Simply put the April NRL News is a goldmine of information.

That URL again is

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