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Help young pro-lifers become the leaders of tomorrow

by | Apr 28, 2015

“… It is like the falling of small stones that start an avalanche. Listen. You hear the rumblings…”

Academy_Collage_2reWhen National Right to Life began its Teens for Life outreach decades ago, no one knew it would help create a generation which polls show is much more pro-life than their parents! In fact, today’s millennials are more pro-life than almost any generation since Roe v. Wade!

But National Right to Life didn’t stop there with its youth outreach. We’ve involved young people at all levels of the movement – in their schools, in our chapters, with training seminars, a teen and college track of workshops at our national convention, pro-life oratory and essay contests, and the National Right to Life Academy.

The NRL Academy trains some of the brightest pro-life college students to become the pro-life leaders of the future. In an intensive summer course that can earn them college credit, they are taught every aspect of pro-life history, argumentation, lobbying, organizing, sharing the pro-life message with the public, etc.

The pro-life cause needs spokespersons who can address reporters and even speak in front of TV cameras. And we need others who can help craft, defend and ultimately pass pro-life legislation.

The National Right to Life Academy began in 2007 to help equip the next generation of pro-life leaders for these important tasks. Now, more and more of our graduates are taking what they have learned and using those skills to save lives! They may be helping their campus pro-life groups, or working in their state Right to Life affiliate office. Soon some may be taking leadership positions in the pro-life movement, or in legislative chambers across the U.S.

To help us continue this vital mission of training the next generation, please consider a special tax-deductible donation earmarked for the National Right to Life Educational Foundation. Tuition for the Academy is $3,600 and we don’t want any deserving pro-life student to not be able to attend because of cost.

Any portion of that you could contribute – any amount at all – will help us serve more pro-life students and create more pro-life leaders of the future. Our future pro-life leaders – and the unborn children whose lives they will save – thank you!

Carol Tobias,
National Right to Life President

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