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Jewish pro-life organization has saved 35,000 children from abortion

by | Apr 22, 2015

By Christina Martin

efrat-300x214Yesterday I met a Jewish pro-life man who shared great news with me. He told me of an organization called EFRAT that has helped save 35,000 children from abortion in Israel.

EFRAT’s approach is simple: When women in Israel register for abortions, they’re asked why they want to end the life of the child. If they say financial reasons, they are given EFRAT’s number. After a volunteer talks with them and assesses their needs, they may receive services from the organization.

Pregnant moms have diapers, formula, canned and dry food delivered to their door for a year. That’s over an $850 value that they receive for free. In some cases, Efrat helps mom for the second year, as well. Moms receive free baby equipment, including a crib, bassinet, baby bath, stroller, and baby kit. In addition, they are matched with a caring volunteer who provides support through their pregnancy. EFRAT has over 3,000 volunteers in Israel. This is a great video interview sharing the mission of Efrat.

The group shares letters from mothers who have been helped by its services, including this touching story:

Dr. Schussheim and the entire staff of Efrat,

I thank you with all my heart for your financial support during this difficult time.

Today, I am grateful to all those who stood at my side during this period and didn’t let me have an abortion.

You will understand when you see Tal’s picture that I can’t imagine my life without her.

She is a child filled with happiness and everyone loves her.

Thanks again,

If you’d like to see the faces of children saved in Israel and watch the mother’s story, you can check out this video EFRAT made highlighting their stories. As Rabbi Mordechai Eliahu says in this endorsements video, “…we need to obey the commandments and do good deeds, and the best deed we could hope to do is to prevent an abortion.”

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