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“Miracle” Baby celebrates first birthday defying doctors’ predictions

by | Apr 22, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

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Michelle Moloney and her husband Scott with Lily, 4, Patrick, 2, and baby Michael

Michelle Moloney and her husband Scott with Lily, 4, Patrick, 2, and baby Michael

I have been the beneficiary of great doctoring and have relatives in medicine so I often give physicians the benefit of the doubt (at least as to their motives) when they make questionable judgments. That doesn’t mean you accept their counsel, of course.

And, fortunately, for a lot of unborn babies, their mothers have turned down gloomy forecasts and refused to accept conclusions by doctors that their babies were inevitably going to die.

Enter Michelle Moloney, profiled by Andy Dolan for the Daily Mail. Last Thursday her son, Michael, celebrated his first birthday, the picture of health, along with his parents and sister Lilly and brother Patrick .

But it could easily have turned out otherwise.

At eighteen weeks “I felt my baby kick in the early hours,” Mrs. Moloney told Dolan. “It was such a definite kick – the reassurance that every expectant mum longs for.” The first kick.

But just a few hours later when her water broke, “I felt terrified.”

Doctors told Moloney and her husband Patrick that she had too little amniotic fluid and they were losing their child. “It was absolutely devastating,” Mrs. Moloney told Dolan.

Doctor at University Hospital Coventry said they “could either induce labour or let nature take its course in up to ten days,” Dolan explained.

But there was no decision for Moloney to make. “I could feel my baby move,” she said. “’There was no way I could go through with an induction.’

She went home, fully expecting that she might lose her baby. But Michael made it one week after another until at 24 weeks she was admitted to the hospital.

When she delivered at 26 weeks, not only was Michael in a breech position he weighted just 1lb, 12oz. Doctors struggled—successfully—for 20 minutes to revive him.

Now Michael is one year old. “He’s a miracle,” Mrs. Moloney said, adding, “I’m so thankful we have our little boy.”

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