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Notorious abortionist sells interests in NJ abortion clinics to man convicted of sexually abusing patients

by | Apr 29, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

Abortionist Steven Brigham

Abortionist Steven Brigham

We last reported on abortionist Steven Brigham earlier this month. At the time, Brigham, 58, was (not surprisingly) appealing the decision of the 16-member New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners to permanently revoke his license.

Among other things the Board “voted unanimously that Brigham had engaged in professional misconduct, dishonesty and misrepresentations, and repeated acts of negligence, based on the records.”

In the meanwhile Brigham had to divest himself of ownership of his eight abortion clinics in New Jersey, the bulk of his “American Women’s Services,” multi-state operation.

Following the Board’s decision, there was a passing reference in several accounts to his medical director, Vikram Kaji. In a story that appeared in yesterday’s Philadelphia Inquirer, Marie McCullough fleshed out what has happened since.

Indeed Brigham (who has a “25-year, multistate history of battling medical boards, regulators, the IRS, landlords, creditors, and criminal prosecutors in Maryland,” according to McCullough) has sold his interests to Kaji.

Who is Kaji? In the mid-1990s, his “medical license was suspended in New Jersey and Pennsylvania,” McCullough explains, “for sexually abusing patients and wrongly prescribing controlled substances.” The Inquirer emailed Neal Buccino, spokesman for New Jersey’s Division of Consumer Affairs, who wrote back, “Dr. Kaji’s license is currently active, and not subject to restrictions.”

McCullough, who has done outstanding work over the years covering Brigham, explains in great detail both the latest outrageous behavior and just some of the lengthy history.

By way of summary…

Brigham got in trouble most recently in New Jersey and Maryland for doing what he was disciplined for doing back in the 1990s: starting a late-term abortion in one state (New Jersey) but extracting the dead baby in another (Maryland, where Brigham was never licensed) a day or two later. He claimed it was out of fear of pro-life activists, but in fact, prosecutors say it was “because Brigham’s New Jersey clinics do not meet the state’s outpatient surgical safety requirements, and he is not credentialed to perform the risky surgeries,” McCullough reported.

The clandestine operation went on until an 18-year-old woman, 21½ weeks pregnant, almost died.

No matter how many legal and administrative straits Brigham has found himself in, “American Women’s Services has continued to operate clinics, even in states where Brigham has lost a license or never had one,” McCullough explains. “Currently, American Women’s Services’ website advertises 16 clinics in New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. The two Pennsylvania sites – Pittsburgh and Allentown – are listed as ‘temporarily closed,’ even though in 2012, the state ordered Brigham to let the public know the clinics were permanently shuttered.”

So, in spite of pleading poverty before the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners (the board ordered him to pay $561,000 in penalties and prosecution costs on top of a half-million federal IRS lien “for not paying employee taxes”), Brigham “fights on,” McCullough writes.

“He has appealed his New Jersey license revocation to Superior Court’s Appellate Division.”

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