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Parental notification bill, dismissed by media as “dead,” is passed in House Committee

by | Apr 14, 2015

By Nevada Right to Life
HansenNevada Right to Life and involved parents throughout the Silver State celebrated Friday evening when the Assembly Judiciary Committee voted 8-4 to pass with amendment Parental Notification for Underage Girls Seeking an Abortion, AB405.

Odds were against this bill with even the Associated Press declaring it dead Wednesday morning. However, after phone calls, emails, and legislative visits from parents across the state, the bill was resurrected, moved to a different committee and scheduled for a hearing all within 72 hours, where it passed.

The next deadline is passage from the Assembly Floor by April 21.

According to president of Nevada Right to Life, Melissa Clement, Assembly Judiciary Chair Ira Hansen gets the credit for the save.

“As the father of 8 children, he understands more than most the devastating position Nevada’s girls and their parents face currently,” Clement told NRL News Today.

The current lack of parental involvement law drives a wedge between parents and their greatest gifts, their daughters.  Parents are left out of one of the most challenging situations a young girl can face, a crisis pregnancy.

Nevada continues to be one of the top locations for human trafficking, especially of children. It is unbelievable that this common sense law has not yet been enacted.

Hopefully, the Nevada Legislature will work to protect teens, preteens and their parents.

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