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Planned Parenthood already a player in Clinton Campaign

by | Apr 16, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

Hillary52reAs we discussed yesterday, pro-abortion Hillary Clinton’s hugely limited gift for gab with ordinary people will never be confused with Bill Clinton’s snakeoilman’s charm.

So why would anyone be surprised when the Daily Mail reported that Mrs. Clinton’s campaign staff drove “ordinary Iowans” to her first campaign stop? Or of the three who received the lion’s share of her attention at the “roundtable,” one was “a Democratic Party insider who chauffeured Vice President Joe Biden around Davenport, Iowa in October during a pre-election campaign trip” and the other two “were University of Iowa College Democrats president Carter Bell and Planned Parenthood of the Heartland employee Sara Sedlacek”?

We’re all adults, so this does not exactly shock us. But it is interesting, is it not, that a PPH employee would be selected as one of only three?

Planned Parenthood and Democratic presidential candidates go together like (spoiled) ham and (three-day-old) eggs. Its political arm spends gobs of money to elect not only pro-abortion presidents, but pro-abortion senators, representatives (at the state and federal levels), and governors.

Iowa, of course, is the first presidential caucus state and while Clinton has the field to herself for now, who knows if a significant challenger will arise when her bevy of vulnerabilities become impossible to overlook? It’s nice to make nice with the local affiliate of Planned Parenthood which, like The Blob, grows and grows.

PPH first swallowed up nearby smaller local affiliates. PPH announced a merger with PP of Nebraska and Council Bluffs in August 2009, another with PP E Central Iowa in December 2010, a merger with PP SW Iowa in May 2011, and in 2012 a merger with PP of Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma. It’s announced plans to open six new clinics in Nebraska and another six in Iowa. More abortions to more women in more locales, in no small part because of web-cam abortions.

I just thought you might like to know who Mrs. Clinton is hanging around with.

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