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Pro-Life Teens to Gather to Be a Voice for the Voiceless

by | Apr 27, 2015

By Andrew Bair

There’s no question. The 2015 National Right to Life Convention will be epic. It will bring together pro-life leaders and grassroots activists from around the country.

Announced speakers include Gov. Bobby Jindal, Duck Dynasty’s Alan, Lisa and Miss Kay Robertson, author and television personality Rachel Campos-Duffy, The Weekly Standard’s John McCormack, former abortion clinic worker Jewels Green, Dr. George Delgado, who developed a method to reverse the abortion pill, and more. The convention will feature dozens of informative workshops, dynamic presenters and an exhibit hall filled with amazing pro-life booths.

But hold on to your selfie sticks!

The National Teens for Life Convention is also coming to New Orleans, July 9-11th.


That’s right. Over three days, pro-life teenagers will be empowered with the tools and knowledge they need to take the pro-life message back to their schools. The National Teens for Life Convention will feature workshops and activities specifically tailored to teens that will offer a comprehensive understanding of pro-life issues and effective ways they can speak out for life.

The theme for both conventions is “Be a Voice for the Voiceless.” That message has a powerful meaning for pro-life young people in particular. Far too often, young people are described as “the future of the pro-life movement.” And while that’s true, they are also the present!

Each of us, young and old, have unique gifts and talents that we can use to help save lives. We each have our own stories to tell. Each of our voices can make an impact. Young people are challenged to defend their pro-life views in their classrooms and among their social groups. It is also young people who experience firsthand friends or classmates confronted with unexpected pregnancies and difficult decisions.

The National Teens for Life Convention is a recognition that the pro-life movement belongs to more than just veteran activists. The movement is also comprised of a new generation passionate about defending life. This new generation is growing up in a post-Roe America, where throughout all of their lifetimes there has been legal abortion-on-demand.

Victims of abortion could have grown up to be this generation’s classmates, friends or even siblings. Their voices were never heard. Their infinite potential never realized. But now, those who would have been their peers are taking a stand to be their voice.

In addition to the workshops by renowned pro-life speakers, the National Teens for Life Convention will feature hands-on activities and games that will have you wanting to volunteer as tribute.

J Law

(Spoiler alert: It won’t really be like the Hunger Games though.)

In previous years, teens have participated in exciting ice breaker games, a pro-life poster-making contest, producing videos that share a pro-life message and more. And of course, there will be the annual closing dance and pizza party.

Who doesn’t like pizza, after all?

Cat Pizza

It’s super easy to register. Just visit and sign up today!

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See you in New Orleans!

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