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The amazing story behind the preborn-baby-clapping viral video

by | Apr 8, 2015

By Christina Martin

babyclapping2Jen Cardinal, a mother from Olympia, Washington, recently uploaded an ultrasound video of her 14-week-old preborn child. What makes this video amazing is that her preborn baby is clapping in the womb.

The short video has gone viral since its first release. At last count, the video had received 5,398,061 views on YouTube.

Cardinal told Yahoo! News she initially used the video on Facebook to announce their pregnancy to family and friends.

In the interview, Cardinal revealed the amazing story behind her pregnancy. She said, “We had been trying for three years to get pregnant. We went from not thinking we would get pregnant to having the most fun and surprising pregnancy.”

Cardinal told TODAY News that the first three claps were “very real.”

“We went for an ultrasound. Our baby clapped two or three times. We gasped, laughed. Doctor said, “˜Let’s sing a song.’ He rewound and replayed it to us singing, so it looks like the baby is clapping. Great fun.”

Cardinal shared her exciting and special moment with the world. This video is evidence that preborn children are unique human beings, worthy of celebration and deserving of protection.

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