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Woman laments having to try three times before her unborn baby is dead

by | Apr 9, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

16-weeksWe write a lot at NRL News Today about what women say about their abortions. As they say, I thought I had heard it all — and then I read “Executive horrified to learn she was still pregnant — despite having morning-after pill and abortion.”

The headline cuts to the chase. Julie Smith told Ben Cusack and Daniel Harding of the British publication, The Mirror, that she’d used the morning after pill (in August), followed by a surgical abortion when that didn’t work, (in September), and in spite of her diligent effort to kill her baby, he or she was still hanging around at 16 weeks.

Which she found out November 25 when she went to the doctor complaining of stomach pains. “It hit me like a bomb when the doctor asked if I knew I was four months pregnant,” she told the Mirror.

“I was in shock and couldn’t stop crying. I was 16 weeks pregnant with a foetus I had tried to get rid of twice.

“I terminated my baby three times – nobody should have to go through that.”

The “nobody” obviously didn’t include her baby.

It didn’t actually take a long time (a couple of days) for Smith to figure out that the third time’s the charm, even though “Four months pregnant is so different to four weeks – you have a living thing inside you – I had no idea.”

So why the “third and final abortion” ? Because, Cusack and Harding tell us, “she did not want to give up her high-flying career for a top firm.”

“I looked at the pros and cons, but it all boiled down to not wanting to delete my hard work over the last 15 years.”

But it was okay to delete the baby.

So, after all that, what lesson has Smith, from Epsom, Surrey, learned? Several actually.

She’d been with her boyfriend for a while “but we certainly weren’t ready for a baby. I didn’t want to become another single mum – I want children at some stage, but not until I’m ready and in a committed relationship.”


Moreover she wants to share her experiences with others, we’re told. Smith ” now wants to raise awareness of the possibility that surgical abortions may fail, after she unknowingly carried a child for a further three months,” Cusack and Harding report.

There really isn’t a great deal to add, is there? Except that Smith (in her mind, nobly, no doubt) isn’t asking for “compensation” for needing “to terminate a child three times.”

Just guessing here, but I’m thinking Smith missed the lethal irony of her observation that she “made sure the clinics and doctors were aware of their life changing mistakes.”

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