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Canadian March for Life 2015 – the numbers

by | May 19, 2015


By Patricia Maloney

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pro-life810Our anonymous pro-abortion blogger thinks we make up numbers about how many people attend the March for Life every year. Fake Person likes to call the March, “March for lies,” and say that we are “lying liars”.

I attended the march this year. As I have for the last number of years. I also videotaped the march as it progressed down Elgin Street.

In the video clip below, I caught the beginning of the march as it passes the War Memorial. The video also includes snippets of it as it progressed down Elgin St. At at the end of the video you will see the end of the line of people, which is followed by two police vehicles and an ambulance.

I was taping at the Human Rights Monument on Elgin St. which is .7 km from the War Memorial. The people continued down Elgin St. between these two points for at least 30 minutes.

Up near the War Memorial, the road is at least three lanes wide where the marchers can be seen (there are also additional turning lanes and bicycle lanes in many places, so the road is even wider but I’ll ignore that fact for my calculations below).

Down where I was at the Human Rights Monument, the road is two lanes wide. The density of people you see in the video remained fairly constant until the end. I would guess at least 1 person per square metre, and often more. (In some areas it was more congested than others, like when it narrows to 2 lanes. So there would have been times when there were more than 1 person per square metre)

A one lane road in Ottawa is at least 3.5 metres wide but can be as wide as 4.25 metres. I will use the 3.5 metre width.

Where Elgin St. is three lanes wide, that’s at least 10.5 metres wide. It is this wide from the War Memorial to Laurier St., or about 480 metres. That’s about 5,040 square metres. (10.5 X 480). From Laurier to the Human Rights monument, it’s about 220 meters long. That’s about 1,540 square meters (7 X 220). At about one person per square metre, that’s at least 6,580 people (5,040+1,540) in one screen shot.

According to google maps, it takes about 8 minutes to get from the war memorial to the Human Rights monument. That means the 6,580 people we see in one screen shot, and then changes about every 8 minutes for a total of 3.75 times. (Again this is only an estimate. People would probably walk slower when the road went from three lanes to two lanes.)

That would mean approximately 24,675 people walked in the march (6,580 X 3.75). Could be more could be less. The RCMP said there were 8,000 to 10,000 people there. How did they calculate this? I don’t know.

Whether there were 8,000 people or 25,000 people Marching Thursday, it doesn’t really matter. Because we were out there in defence of human rights for all human beings. A lot of us were there. That is what is important.

Instead of being an arm-chair ridiculer, maybe our anonymous pro-abortion blogger could organize her own march in defense of abortion. It would be very informative to see how many people would show up in support of a woman’s right to kill her pre-born child.

Watch the video for yourself, and make your own conclusions about the numbers of people walking in the March for Life this year.

More videos of the march here. Thanks to Maureen for putting all the videos together.

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