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Five-month-pregnant Chinese woman ordered to abort, although she had been given permission to have another child

by | May 19, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

Reggie Littlejohn, speaking at a Capitol Hill press conference on Chinese human rights. (Photo credit: Reuters.)

Reggie Littlejohn, speaking at a Capitol Hill press conference on Chinese human rights. (Photo credit: Reuters.)

A Chinese school teacher, five months pregnant, must have an abortion by the end of the month, or lose her job.

Qin Yi and her husband Meng Shaoping had requested and received permission to have a second child from authorities in her home town in eastern Anhui province, the Associated Press reported today.

However authorities in Guizhou province, where she is teaching, have different rules.

“Anhui province allows couples to have a child if they don’t have more than two children from previous marriages, whereas Guizhou only lets a couple have a child if there is just one previous child,” the AP reported.

Both spouses had a daughter with their previous spouses, “so the newly married couple is not allowed to have their own child according to Guizhou province’s regulations ,the Education Bureau and Health and Family Planning Commission in Guizhou’s Libo county said in a notice Monday,” according to the AP.

The demand that Qin Yi abort or be fired was contained in a notice that was circulated online and carried by a local newspaper.

The brief story, carried by several news outlets, briefly referenced China’s draconian “One Child” policy, alluding to an easing up of the policy, which many say is not true.

As Anne Roback Morse noted earlier this month,

expert witnesses at a hearing chaired by Rep. Chris Smith “laid out a case that China’s one-child policy is also a demographic nightmare, and that the Communist Party only continues this policy to dominate the social and personal life of its citizens.”

In her story Morse described the testimony of Reggie Littlejohn, the founder of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, who

forcefully argued that the one-child policy is more about control than about demographics. Littlejohn stated, “The government is exploiting the One-Child Policy as social control, masquerading as population control.”

Littlejohn described the intrusive and controlling nature of the one-child policy. The Chinese Communist Party holds the family planning officials accountable for the number of births in a district, but does not hold officials accountable for any abuses committed in the name of family planning. Unsurprisingly, officials abuse their power over couples’ right to reproduce. However, unlike other abuses under the authoritarian regime, abuses under the Population Control policy affect nearly everyone.

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