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Hearing on Nevada Parental Consent bill to take place Memorial Day

by | May 22, 2015

Your calls have worked!

By Melissa Clement, President, Nevada Right to Life

NVhousechamberOn Thursday we received word that there will be a hearing for AB405 in the Senate HHS Committee. This is a HUGE victory. The hearing will be Monday afternoon, May 25th. That’s right, Memorial Day.

Please call Senator Joe Hardy and thank him for taking the bill and his work to keep AB405 alive. 775-684-1462.

When you discuss AB405, remember

  1. A girl under 18 can’t undergo any other medical procedure. Why should this invasive surgical procedure be any different?
  2. Parents are their daughter’s biggest advocates, know their medical history and can provide the necessary support before during and after a crisis pregnancy.
  3. Research shows that adolescent brains have not developed the ability to make decisions that take into risk and long-term consequences into consideration.
  4. A crisis pregnancy is the most stressful situation a young girl can face. Why wouldn’t we want parental involvement?
  5. Legislature can’t legislate good parenting, but their lack of action in this case does not allow parents to parent.
  6. It’s not consent. It’s just the right to KNOW.

More to come later.