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High School Students Win Legal Battle to Establish Pro-Life Clubs

by | May 19, 2015

Editor’s note. This appeared at and is reprinted with permission.

teens-schoolWe’ve written previously about Brigid and Katie, students at two high schools in Fargo, ND. Each wanted to start a pro-life student organization. Each faced opposition from school officials who claimed that pro-life clubs would be too controversial—a blatantly unconstitutional justification, and one which had not been used to refuse permission to any other extracurricular clubs. School officials also denied the science of prenatal development, stating that the girls could not promote their “religious view” that life begins at conception.

Of course, the science is in their favor, and so is the law: public schools that allow extracurricular clubs must provide a non-discriminatory “open forum” for student expression. The students got some pro bono lawyers, who sent a demand letter over a month ago.

Last week, the school finally caved and let them start their clubs. They conveniently waited until the school year was almost over. Nevertheless, Students for Life of America reports that “Davies Teens for Life members already held their first meeting, and Brigid is planning the first Spartans for Life meeting for next week.”

Congratulations to Brigid, Katie, and Students for Life on their big win! And if either group needs ideas for events for next year, SPL would love to send a free speaker.

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