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Legislation Saves Lives! Abortion Numbers Continue to Drop!

by | May 22, 2015

By Missouri Right to Life

MissouriabortionstatsThe preliminary number of abortions in 2013 has finally been released by the Missouri Dept. of Health. The total numbers of abortions in 2013 was 8,740. This is a decline of 287 abortions, or over a 3% drop, in one year. This continues a trend that has been going on almost steadily since 1980 thanks to pro-life activists!

Beginning in 2007, alternatives to abortion funding was provided through legislation. In 2010, expansion of the information given to women prior to an abortion was passed. In addition, in 2011 abortions on viable infants was banned. In 2011 restrictions on Medicaid funded abortions was passed. In 2013, tele-med abortions were prohibited.

Help us pass critical legislation and continue to reduce the numbers of abortions