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Mother’s Home shows work of pro-life supporters

by | May 4, 2015

By Christine Flowers

mothershomeI love talking to pro-choice people. They are generally quite predictable in their arguments, which generally amount to attacks on “men in black robes,” “religious zealots,” and uncaring pro-life fanatics who “only care about the baby until it’s born, then they move on to the next crusade.”

I recently “unfriended” just such a woman on Facebook, not because her strident pro-abortion comments were annoying (they were), but because I’d recently gotten an email from another woman who made me see just how uninformed my progressive former “friend” really was. Given the fact that I’m such an important person (that is, the aunt of a very cool 6-year-old) I don’t have time for shallow thinkers.

The woman who emailed me is as far from a shallow thinker as they come. Her name is Helen McBlain, and she’s the chair of the board of directors of Mother’s Home, a maternity shelter located at BVM parish in Darby Borough. The good people of Mother’s Home took over the convent on the church grounds, brought it up to code (something abortion clinic owners seem to have difficulty with), got a zoning change and have been housing and caring for pregnant women in crisis for over 25 years.

I think that the best way to measure the importance of this organization is to calculate it in terms of lives saved. If only one child had been given the inalienable gift of life through the intercession of this organization, it would be a worthy and honorable place. But 25 years, a quarter-century, is substantial, and has allowed Mother’s Home to thwart the creeping, immoral impact of legalized abortion, one soul at a time.

Helen told me of one woman who fled from war-torn Sierra Leone and is currently pursuing a degree at Neumann University with the expectation of becoming a doctor. She wants to give her baby up for adoption, the hardest “choice” a woman can make.

Another applicant is a young woman who is being pressured by her family to have an abortion, and who is adamant about wanting to give her unborn child a chance at life.

These are just two among countless stories, 25 years of tears, laughter and amazing courage. Women are much more courageous than we often give them credit for, and places like Mother’s Home are witness to their steely characters. It is not easy in this day and age to explain why someone would go through with an unwanted pregnancy when there is that other option, the one touted by those progressive women who say things like, “Keep your rosaries off of my ovaries.” There is an inner fire, an inchoate sense of obligation to the future that guides these good women.

Having a place like Mother’s Home in our midst makes me very proud to be a resident of Delaware County. The fact that it has flourished in an area that has pockets of poverty alongside areas of relative affluence, shows that the problem of crisis pregnancies is not, as some would argue, purely economic. It is also not common to one particular creed, philosophy, nationality, race or political affiliation. The thing that unites these mothers, and the people who support them, is an understanding that human beings cannot be thrown away in this throwaway society. There is a dignity in both the child, and the people who struggle to honor that child’s right to be born in a safe and loving environment.

But, contrary to my former “friend’s” beliefs, the support doesn’t end at the birth canal. Mother’s Home continues to shelter and care for women after they have given birth, and provides them with counseling and training so that they can either raise their children, or find good homes for them. The residents benefit from something called the “Core Program,” which provides daily classes on life skills, nutrition, parenting, labor and delivery, early infant care, housing, fertility awareness and developing healthy relationships, budgeting, and even legal clinics on domestic abuse.

Let me repeat some of that: fertility awareness and developing healthy relationships, budgeting, and legal clinics on domestic abuse. This is a direct rebuttal to those pro-choice advocates who say that the pro-life movement doesn’t care about women, it only cares about owning their reproductive organs. Mother’s Home wants to make sure that the women in their care don’t make any future mistakes, and are able to take charge of their own sexuality and become autonomous, healthy human beings.

And they do all of this great and glorious work with donations and fundraisers.

Had I not received the email from Helen, I probably wouldn’t have blocked that former Facebook friend. I would have chalked her comments up to willful ignorance, or do what I usually do when I hear the rhetoric of the abortion rights movement: Delete it from my page and my mind.

But finding out about the human, mundane and yet miraculous work being done at Mother’s Home made me realize that I have no place in my life any longer for those who lie about people who walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Now I have to see if Helen has a Facebook page.

(Mother’s Home will be holding their 2nd Annual Springtime Tea on May 7 from 12-2 p.m. For more information contact the main office at 610-583-4663.)

Editor’s note. This appeared at and is reprinted with permission.