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Newest in the abortion-marketing bag of tricks: abortion “navigators”

by | May 21, 2015


womenswholehealthAn email released by abortion chain Whole Woman’s Health (WWH) reveals that conscience may be the biggest obstacle women face in deciding to abort a preborn child. In the email, Whole Woman’s Health inadvertently revealed that, when marketing abortion to their clients over the phone through their “abortion navigator,” the main barricade standing between a mother and an abortion appointment is not necessarily lack of money or restrictive legislation, but rather her conscience. Of course, WWH did not use that terminology. But consider what they did say:

We really go above and beyond… For example, if they’re Catholic and having trouble reconciling that we’ll give them the information for Faith Aloud or Catholics for Choice, I like to think of us like a web.

So, a pregnant, Catholic woman calls WWH. Her upbringing (and arguably her humanity) has rooted within her the conviction that murder is wrong – even sinful. But she is desperate and does not know what resources besides abortion are available to her. The abortion navigator will encourage her to contact Catholics for Choice, a group of people who – for reasons unfathomable to any actual Catholic – have committed their time and resources to promoting the utterly irreconcilable ideals that one can be a Catholic who believes the Ten Commandments are optional practices. With conscience dulled, the woman proceeds to WWH to fork over her cash and her innocent preborn child.

WWH continued:

We’re more than just a call center because we can talk through feelings, questions, concerns. It’s more than just setting up appointments. It’s beyond that. It’s more holistic. We may be speaking on the phone, but we’re developing personal connections…

So the abortion navigator is basically trained to make the appointment at any cost. These women are not counselors, but any good marketing agent is trained to appeal to the individual – and successful abortion businesses are no different. They appeal to mothers on a personal level and form a connection, so that when a woman opens up about her conscience and objections to abortion, they will be able to swoop in with their talking points designed to “de-stigmatize” abortion, putting her troubled mind at ease. How? In short: by lying.

The most meaningful conversations I have are with the people who have all the myths in their mind. They’ve only heard the anti-choice language, but they find themselves in need of our services, so I get to take the time and explain how abortion actually works – that this is actually a very safe, non-invasive procedure.

This is the part where we find out that Whole Woman’s Health is not really unique, after all. The tactic begins with calling any frightening side-effect of abortion, any logical objection to abortion or any scientific proof of Life from the moment of conception a “myth.” In one fell swoop, the abortion navigator has undercut the credibility of any Pro-Life (“anti-choice”) objection to abortion with which the woman may identify.

Perhaps the woman is concerned that she will have a perforated uterus, a badly botched abortion, or develop an amniotic fluid embolism and die, like other women she has read about. The abortion navigator just needs to assure the woman that abortion is a “very safe, non-invasive” procedure. We don’t know about you, but electively reaching into the depths of a woman’s body to rip her live child out from her womb doesn’t sound “very safe” or “non-invasive” to us.

The abortion industry is good at marketing – very good. They know how to make a sale. They know how to feign concern until the money is paid and the baby is killed.

But make no mistake: once the transaction is complete, the abortion industry’s true colors show every time.

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