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Pro-abortion Gov. McAuliffe appoints “outspoken abortion-rights supporter” to Virginia Board of Health

by | May 18, 2015


By Dave Andrusko

Pro-abortion Dr. Wendy Klein

Pro-abortion Dr. Wendy Klein

In the many, many stories NRL News Today has written about regulations intended to upgrade standards at Virginia abortion clinics, one name stands out for her relentless criticism: Dr. Wendy Klein.

On Friday, pro-abortion Gov. Terry McAuliffe appointed Klein along with Jim Shuler, a former Democratic state senator, to the Virginia Board of Health. The Associated Press, which ran a brief item, described Klein as an “outspoken abortion-rights supporter.”

Abortion clinics have lobbied furiously ever since 2011 when the Commonwealth passed a law that required abortion clinics to be treated like outpatient surgical centers, if they provide five or more first-trimester abortions a month. The regulations address such issues as building standards, staff training, sanitation, and equipment standards.

They complained that the changes were unneeded and costly.

Pro-abortion Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe

Pro-abortion Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe

There was always ample room for mischief since (as is often the case) the specifics of implementing the law–formulating the rules–were left to someone else—in this case the state Board of Health.

One of the many key moments in the many twists and turns came in 2011 following a lobbying barrage by pro-abortionists. Unexpectedly, the Board of Health voted to exclude existing abortion clinics from regulations formulated to implement the law.

The Attorney General’s office sent a memo to then State Health Commissioner Karen Remley, refusing to certify the regulations. The memo said the Board exceeded its statutory authority in exempting existing abortion clinics from the new law. The board then reversed itself in September 2012 on a vote of 12-1.

Testifying against the reversal was Dr. Klein. “It’s appalling that the Board of Health has rubber-stamped these regulations,” she said. “I think there is a political agenda here that has been highly effective in getting the public to believe there is a health issue where there is none. These regulations are designed to shut clinics down.” That was just one of many examples.

Pro-abortion Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring

Pro-abortion Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring

But pro-abortionists successful prevented the rules from taking effect until McAuliffe was narrowly elected governor in the Commonwealth of Virginia in November 2013 over Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. As promised, McAuliffe has systemically set the stage to eliminate the regulations ever since.

The appointments come less than a month after the current pro-abortion Attorney General, Mark Herring, concluded the requirements do not apply to abortion clinics that were in existence when the law was passed–effectively all the abortion clinics in the Commonwealth.

“It is no surprise that Gov. McAuliffe continues to use his authority to stack the Board of Health with pro-abortion supporters,” said Olivia Gans Turner, Virginia Society for Human Life President. “This proves that he has absolutely no real interest in protecting the women of Virginia, only the abortion industry.”

Gans Turner added, “It is even more evidence that pro-life Virginians need to work together to pass legislation that will prevent abortions, such as the Virginia Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, during the next General Assembly session.”

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