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Teenager who changed her mind about requesting euthanasia passes away

by | May 15, 2015


Change of heart barely mentioned in news accounts

By Dave Andrusko

Michelle Bachelet poses for a selfie with Chile's President Valentina Maureira. (AP)

Michelle Bachelet poses for a selfie with Chile’s President Valentina Maureira. (AP)

If pro-lifers can know one thing for sure, it’s that once a pro-death story line is established, it is virtually impossible to get it straightened out, no matter what the facts are on the ground.

Remember Valentina Maureira, the Chilean teenager with cystic fibrosis? She drew worldwide attention when her You Tube video asked the president of Chile for “assistance” to die went viral. Valentina’s brother had died of cystic fibrosis when he was 6 years old.

All the usual suspects lamented that her request to Chilean president Michelle Bachelet (who is a physician) was turned down, noting dismissively that Bachelet visited Maureira in the hospital. In fact she spoke with the girl and her father for more than an hour at the hospital in Santiago.

The Chilean health ministry began providing Valentina with psychological assistance as well as medical treatment. And she received waves of support from people who had seen her video, including a personal visit from Maribel Oviedo, 22, and her father Ernesto.

They traveled to Santiago to “convey a message of hope,” according to La Voz. Maribel’s sister Marisol died of cystic fibrosis in 2013. But Maribel received a lung transplant in 2012 and told the girl that she now lives a normal life.

Valentina changed her mind! She told the Chilean newspaper, El Mercurio, “There are people that made ​​me change the way of thinking.”

Her dad, Fredy, told the Associated Press, “his daughter was especially moved by a visit’ from Maribel and Ernesto. Had President Bachelet acceded, not only would Valentina have died, it would have been a PR coup for the forces in Chile who want to legalize assisted suicide

Of course her condition remained grave. Her father told the media that Valentina passed away Thursday “of complications from the genetic disorder, which attacks the lungs and other vital organs, making it difficult to breath and causing a host of other symptoms.”

The headlines today were all about her You Tube request where she asked for “a shot that will make me sleep forever.” Here are four headlines taken at random:

Chilean girl with cystic fibrosis who asked for euthanasia on YouTube dies

Ailing teen who championed euthanasia dies in Chile

Chile girl who wanted euthanasia dies

Chilean Teen Who Asked to Be Euthanized Dies

Likewise her change of heart received only a passing reference. That would interfere with the “proper” narrative.

You might ask where did Valentina get her idea? According to the Daily Mail’s Christopher Brennan, from Brittany Maynard, who was “assisted” to die last year.

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