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World’s “smallest mother” rejects doctors’ advice to abort, now mother of two

by | May 6, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

A 2006 photo of Rosemary Siggins and her children Luke and Shelby

A 2006 photo of Rosemary Siggins and her children Luke and Shelby

Clearly Rosemary Siggins is not only “smallest mother in the world,” she is also an incredibly strong, brave mother of two.

Christian Post ran a delightful and inspiring profile of Mrs. Siggins on Monday, a woman who told doctors no way was she going to abort her first baby.

Their concern was understandable. She suffered from a rare disease called sacral agenisis (a severe deformation of the spine) and when she was 2 years old, she had to get half of her body removed.

She learned to walk on her hands at first, but eventually began using a skateboard to help her get around. “My skateboard’s so important to me — it is the difference between feeling trapped and feeling free,” she said. (In between she was fitted for prosthetic legs but found them too painful.)

But “When I went to see my specialist, they told me no one with sacral agenesis had ever gone full term and said a baby could crush my internal organs,’ she told Tamara Hardingham-Gill of the Daily Mail.

“No one in the world, since the beginning of time, has ever done this before,” she said. “One doctor even advised an abortion, but I refused.”

“Luckily, it was an easy pregnancy and Luke was born healthy by C-section in January 1999,” she added.

Six years later Mrs. Siggins was pregnant again and that “had medical experts sounding the alarm again. ‘I told her what I thought but I don’t think she appreciated what I said,’ said Dr. Kevin Weary.”

Indeed, carrying Shelby (named for her favorite car) did send a “shockwave of problems”– Siggins “couldn’t breathe properly and was nearly bedridden”–but Shelby was born safely and is doing well, according to a story in the Huffington Post.

Mrs. Siggins is married to Dave Siggins, a 5-foot-11 auto parts store employee.

You can watch a truly inspiration video of Mrs. Siggins life.

Editor’s note. Tip of the hat to Life News.

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