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You won’t believe what they’re trying to defend

by | May 7, 2015

unbornbaby25It has to be about the hardest thing in the world to defend.

Little unborn baby boys and girls, killed by being dismembered, limb by limb, until they bleed to death. Many of these babies are developed enough to feel excruciating pain when they are torn apart.

We call them Dismemberment Abortions, because that’s what they are – but pro-abortion advocacy organizations are actually defending them!

National Right to Life is working to pass laws to ban these barbaric abortions. We succeeded in banning one method of abortion, known as partial-birth abortion. We’ve passed laws in 11 states banning abortions when babies are developed enough to feel pain. And now we are working hard to ban dismemberment abortions.

But that has made the abortion movement absolutely apoplectic. Yesterday one of those groups sent out an email bringing attention to everything they see as wrong . . . except what happens to a little baby in these abortions.

NARAL Pro-Choice America is calling laws to stop this barbarism “devious.” It’s “part of a devious new strategy,” they wrote, “to chip away at abortion rights one procedure at a time.”

They call dismemberment abortions “a medical procedure” or a “specific medical procedure,” but they don’t describe what that procedure is!

Is it any wonder they won’t describe the procedure, in which an abortionist uses a forceps or other clamping instrument to crush and tear off pieces of the baby’s body, extract them from the uterus, and then re-assemble the pieces on the table to make sure none are missing and left inside the woman’s body?

Do you think that honest description might cause NARAL some problems selling their cause . . . or their fundraising pitch?

NARAL is right about one thing, though: National Right to Life is going to go all-out to ban this horrific kind of attack on innocent unborn babies. We’re going to expose what goes on in these types of abortions and tell the world how little regard NARAL and its abortionist allies have for the lives of the innocent.

We’re going to bring our case to legislators around the country. Although National Right to Life launched this campaign only recently, we have already passed bans on dismemberment abortions in two states — Kansas and Oklahoma.

Now we want to spread this protection for unborn babies far and wide. Americans will recoil when they hear how these abortions are done, just as they did when we ran the first educational campaigns about partial-birth abortion.

And the people will demand laws to stop dismemberment abortion, just as they did with partial-birth abortion.

You can help make that happen! A donation to National Right to Life will help us educate more Americans about what really happens in an abortion.

And it will help us pass laws to make this horrific, unconscionable act a thing of the past.

Please help!
Carol Tobias,
National Right to Life President

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