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ABC Finally Mentions Own Bad Poll Numbers for Hillary…for 25 Seconds

by | Jun 8, 2015

By Kyle Drennen

ABCHillaryPoll6After initially ignoring the ABC News/Washington Post poll showing bad approval ratings for President Obama and Hillary Clinton, Thursday’s Good Morning America finally noticed the Clinton numbers 48 hours after the poll was released. Co-host George Stephanopoulos noted: “…and a new challenge for Hillary Clinton, too, as her poll numbers take a dip.”

Moments later, White House correspondent Jon Karl spent a mere 25 seconds discussing the poll:

But look at Hillary’s poll numbers, George. She now has a favorability rating of just 45%. 49% disapprove of Hillary Clinton right now. And the biggest problem for her, George, is that a strong majority now say they don’t consider her honest or trustworthy. That’s the kind of poll numbers that looks like somebody who would be real vulnerable but, again, none of these [Democratic] candidates that are challenging her seem to be very formidable at this point.

No mention was made of President Obama’s approval matching Clinton’s, with 45% approving of his job performance and 49% disapproving.

Coverage of the bad numbers for Clinton did not warrant a full segment, but was tacked on to a brief report on Jeb Bush and Rick Perry set to enter the Republican race.

On Tuesday, CBS This Morning similarly skipped its own poll showing sinking poll numbers for Obama.

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