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“Filthy” abortion clinic “treats patients like cattle” according to patient reviews

by | Jun 4, 2015

By Sarah Terzo

bestwomencarelogoreBest Women’s Medical Care, at has an attractive, professional website. Abortion care gets the biggest billing on the website, but they also offer other services. Their website says they offer “complete gynecological care and New York abortion clinic services in a comfortable, private and supportive environment.”

This clinic, located in Brooklyn, advertises birth control management, STD testing and treatment, and even prenatal care. They offer abortions up until twenty weeks.

There is nothing in the beautiful, professional looking website to indicate the horrible reviews they have received. On Yelp, the facility received one and a half stars out of five.

A registered nurse gave the following review.

As an ambulatory surgical procedure RN, please believe me when I tell you that this place is mere millimeters away from being shut down because of its lack of the very basics of safe patient care.

I went there a couple of weeks ago to have an IUD placed – this place is filthy, medical equipment that looks like it’s from the 70s, they don’t even have monitors in the recovery room (to monitor the patient’s vitals while they’re still under anesthesia) – one of the very BASICS for accreditation is that they provide each patient with a separate monitor – in the recovery room there is ONE that gets passed from patient to patient and that’s only if there’s an issue, not even on a regular interval basis. I saw that they don’t even have an actual code cart – it’s some type of smallish monitor and a suction apparatus, but not an actual cart. I’m sure they don’t have the necessary equipment to handle an adverse reaction to anesthesia).

I awoke after my procedure in a tiny recovery room with old gurneys practically stacked on each other and not a single sink, hand sanitizing station, or even a box of gloves was in site. This place has dirty carpeting, stained walls.. it’s completely unacceptable.

I was told by a medical assistant that they are accredited by the Joint Commission – a complete lie. I was to undergo conscious sedation and was never asked when I last ate or drank was (this is HUGE as you can aspirate while anesthetized) and I never received an ID bracelet, nor did anyone ask me my date of birth when identifying me – they just asked if I was so and so. …Bottom line – this place is disgusting and it preys off low income women who need help while not giving a damn about their personal safety.

If I were to detail all of the negative things other reviewers said about the clinic this article would be pages and pages long. I will just give a few excerpts. Each bullet point is a separate reviewer:

· Worst place anyone can ever go to… get ready to be yelled at and treated like trash-

· a dirty, poorly operated clinic, with zero transparency and zero care for the patients. The doctors try to spend as little time as possible with you, are condescending and basically seem like they all dread being there… Avoid at all costs.…[the bathroom] is dirty and smells of dried urine ( it was evident it hadn’t been cleaned in days).

· Assistants walk in-and-out while you’re getting a Pap smear. I had three people in there at the same time….You meet with the doctor who, spoiler alert, hates you. She is genuinely one of the rudest people I’ve ever met. …I hope this review convinces you to steer clear of this place. It really is one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had in a doctor’s office.


· I wish I could give negative stars for this place. If you like being treated like cattle, go here.

· I felt like cattle getting herded around… DO NOT END UP HERE!… avoid avoid avoid

· This is the most unprofessional place I’ve ever been. … nothing here is confidential. Talk about privacy they were reading & discussing my test results out loud in front of others in the hallway

· The entire staff is very unprofessional and cold. They treat patients like cattle. There is no time spent with the doctor, no questions answered

· “[the doctor] said I was fine. The next day I went somewhere else and found out I had an infection. Not only was she rude also incompetent

· Let me start by saying that I made an account specifically to write a review about The Women’s Choice — that’s how terrible my experience was….[the doctor] swiftly pulled my legs forward on the table and began the exam. …She forcefully began the examination, then YELLED at me when I yelped out in pain. “It’s only hurting because you won’t relax!” she told me. … I just endured the pain for the remainder of the check-up. …Please, you owe it to yourself (and your babies!) to take your services to someone who cares about women and their health

I read these reviews before going to the clinic’s website and was incredibly struck by how nice the website seemed while women were having such horrible experiences at the clinic. It looks like their site was designed by professionals and made to attract as many patients as possible. If that was the case, one wonders whether the clinic spent money on advertising that it did not spend on cleaning supplies or proper equipment. This alone could show the priorities of the facility.

The abortion industry in New York is one of least regulated in the nation. There is no law requiring abortions to be done by a licensed doctor, much less that clinics be inspected or meet any kind of basic health standards.

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