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FNC’s Kelly, Napolitano Blast Obama’s Hit on SCOTUS

by | Jun 9, 2015

By Jeffrey Meyer

napolitanokellyobamareFollowing President Obama’s controversial remarks at the G-7 Summit in which he lectured the Supreme Court over how they should rule in the upcoming ObamaCare lawsuit, on Monday’s the Kelly File, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and Andrew Napolitano took him to task for trying to “intimidate them” to rule in his favor.

After she played a clip of Obama’s comments, Fox News’ Judge Andrew Napolitano admitted he was “astounded by his lack of a sense of decency and a sense of comity…. there are equal branches of the government. He’s one branch, the Supreme Court is the other.”

After Kelly asked why does Obama “need another” branch of government to control, Napolitano noted that despite his best efforts to sway the court, it will have no impact:

They don’t intimidate him. He doesn’t try and intimidate them. I say, try. He cannot intimidate them. They have lifetime tenure. As a practical matter, here we are, the second week in June. They have, more likely than not, already voted on this and they know which way it’s going to go. They couldn’t care less what he says. He is wrong that legal scholars are in his side. Legal scholars are on both sides… the Supreme Court does not count noses amongst legal scholars.

Megyn Kelly went one step further and argued that Obama “loves to try to bully” the Supreme Court “to their faces, he tries “to criticize when they can’t say anything in response” to which Napolitano argued it was “totally inappropriate for the president to do that. He should have said the case is before the court and however the court rules, I will abide that ruling.”

As NewsBusters’ Curtis Houck noted, on Monday night the “Big Three” (ABC, CBS, NBC) networks all skipped Obama’s attack on the Supreme Court but Fox News’ Special Report with Bret Baier found time to report on Obama’s warning to the court:

Just days away from a Supreme Court ruling on the legality of ObamaCare subsides extended to millions of Americans, the President is not only questioning the legitimacy of the justices even hearing the dispute, but also characterizing an adverse ruling as completely out of line

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