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Jerome Lejeune Foundation Releases Video in Honor of Fathers, Father’s Day, and the blessings of children with Down Syndrome

by | Jun 19, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

mydeardadA few minutes ago I watched with delight “My Dear Dad.”  Whether you are a dad or not, whether your child has special needs or not, it’s only 1 minute, 26 seconds long and very much worth your while.

The Jerome Lejeune Foundation launched the video this week which it describes as “A heartwarming glance into moments shared by a father and his very special son.” It is. Not smaltzy —okay, a little smaltzy—but very endearing.

The message is that this dad’s little man is his….little man.

His son playfully points out where his dad makes mistakes (most of them on purpose). Like not being able to find him at hide and seek, “even though my hiding places are really easy to find.”

Tongue in cheek, he adds “Come to think of it, you are pretty bad at a lot of things.” But, guess what? “It doesn’t matter, Papa, I love you anyway.”

The final scene is in the bathroom where the son is mimicking his dad who is shaving. He reminds his dad of one of his principal tasks:

“Papa, Teach me to be as big as you are.”

Happy Father’s Day.

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