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Kids give Pro-Life answers without hesitation

by | Jun 17, 2015

By Texas Right to Life

Editor’s note. The following, which talks about a terrific video from Online for Life, ran Tuesday. Kids were asked for their views on abortion and “their answers were resoundingly straightforward.”

Unencumbered by political correctness and the pervasive lexicon of abortion-speak, the children’s honesty and raw language were refreshing. Watch the video below:

While abortion advocates paint a bleak picture for parents who conceive unintended pregnancies, children see right past the agenda to the heart of the matter: A human Life has been created, and he or she deserves to live no matter what. In fact, the children seem baffled by the interviewer’s insinuation that not having the time or ability to care for a child would justify killing him or her.

“What if you can’t take care of it?” one interviewer asked. “Somebody else could take care of it,” one child quickly responded. “I would send it to a babysitter,” said another.

KidsVideoCropreBut, prodding deeper, the interviewers asked: “What if the baby was still in the mommy’s tummy? Is [abortion] OK then?”

Children, again, answered without hesitation: “No.” A little boy who said he wishes for the superpower of “strength to fight bad guys,” said, “Well it is a bad thing to kill a baby, because you would kill somebody.”

In the midst of adult debates over the humanity of preborn Life, children – whose thought processes are the most simple – innately understand that abortion kills “somebody. You’re killing them.”

In a heart-breaking moment of the video, an interviewer asks a little girl, “What if you found out that parents were killing their babies?” We see a slew of emotions pass over her eyes and face before she emotionally answers, “I couldn’t find out that.”

So, we ask: If something is too devastating to tell a child, how can that act be acceptable to perpetrate on a child?

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