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by | Jun 30, 2015

By Dave Andrusko

FrontcoverJune2015There are tons of advantages to digitally producing the “pro-life newspaper of record,” rather than printing National Right to Life News. Publishing in cyberspace is virtually cost-free, which is a huge benny, allowing you to run many more stories than you could possibly afford if you were still using newsprint.

Which helps explain why the new edition is a whopping 50 pages long! We had oodles to write about and without fiscal constraints, we could include 39 stories, the President’s column, and my editorial at

My strong suspicion is you will be as delighted by the breadth and depth of the stories as I was in assembling them. There’s some of almost everything.

Court cases, including Supreme Court decisions, state legislation, stories of brave mothers fending off the anti-life siren calls, a look at how one major newspaper got it right and another missed not only the boat but the dock, several posts about the insidious spread of physician-assisted suicide, and two absolutely perfect pro-life videos–to name just a few .

As we’ve always done, over the next week we will be publishing a story from the current issue of NRL News to whet your appetite and to encourage you to spread the news through your social networks.

Please dig in, starting today. The URL again is

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