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New Zealand government does not support assisted suicide

by | Jun 10, 2015

By Alex Schadenberg, International Chair – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key

The New Zealand media reported that the government will establish a “select committee” on euthanasia and assisted suicide, but it is not backing a bill to legalize assisted suicide.

According to Yahoo New Zealand

Prime Minister John Key is backing a select committee inquiry, but said a law change will only be debated if a members bill is submitted and drawn from the ballot.

Key said some National MPs [Members of Parliament] are deeply opposed to assisted death, and he doesn’t think it would make it out of backroom discussion.

“I don’t think that we would, but some caucuses might, depending on the size of them and the sort of nature and make of them.”

The New Zealand High Court decided on June 5 that only parliament can change the assisted suicide law.

Euthanasia Free New Zealand and Not Dead Yet – Aotearoa are effectively opposing euthanasia and assisted suicide.

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