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Ottawa abortionist with terrible record gives up license, agrees never to reapply

by | Jun 5, 2015

Clinic filthy, Sim sent anesthetized women home alone in taxis

By Dave Andrusko

Wee Lim Sim

Wee Lim Sim

Wee Lim Sim, an Ottawa abortionist, agreed Tuesday to give up his license rather than fight the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons over charges that he operated an unhygienic “unprofessional” practice.

“A charge of incompetence was withdrawn as part of the plea deal,” wrote Joseph Brean of the National Post. That “deal” included resigning and never reapplying.

But “unhygienic” and “unprofessional” radically understates how bad his abortion clinic was and how poorly Sim treated his patients.

Located in an old downtown house. Sim’s abortion clinic was “so cluttered and unhygienic that two dozen patients were put at grave risk of infection,” and his “practices so bad he sent anesthetized women home alone in taxis,” Brean reported.

The disciplinary committee

“roundly condemn” his ineffective infection control, improper delegation to his staff, poor record keeping, and rude, aggressive style of communication.

But, incredibly, according to Brean’s story, the committee first said in their reprimand that it is “disheartening”

to see a physician kicked out of the profession at the end of a “valued career, especially so when that career has been in an area which has provided controversy, conflict and even threats of harm to its practitioners and which has provided help for women, often in extremely vulnerable an distressing circumstances.”

As for his “style of communication,” the committee cited as one example Sim’s form letter for patients that read, “If you do not keep quiet, your surgery will be cancelled and you will have to go to another doctor.”

Said Lisa Spiegel, senior counsel, “This is totally unprofessional.”

For his part, Sim, who is already well past retirement age, said only, “Thank you sir.” But, Brean wrote, once outside, Sim “was flippant and dismissive of the misconduct to which he had just admitted.”

“I did a few things not according to the standards of the College,” he said. “With enough skill and experience you can do without many of those things.”

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