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Paramedic becomes pro-life after seeing 17-week miscarried baby

by | Jun 1, 2015

By Nancy Flanders

unbornbaby2Twenty-five years ago, David Baxter was a paramedic in Canada, who was torn over whether or not abortion should be legal. He leaned towards the pro-abortion side, but his wife was more pro-life.

“I was a fence-sitter,” he explained, “and my wife and I discussed it, and it was a topic of argument for many years. Sometimes I would say, yes [abortion is okay], and sometimes no [abortion is not right].”

One day, while Baxter was working with the ambulance service he owned, they received a call that would change his heart forever. They arrived at the scene to find a girl about 14 years old in severe abdominal pain. They drove her to the hospital.

The young girl was 17 weeks pregnant and was miscarrying.

After leaving her in the hands of the nurse, Baxter and his co-worker went out to the emergency garage to clean up the ambulance. That’s when, for reasons Baxter still doesn’t understand, the nurse came out to show them the child. She placed the baby, who was in a plastic bag, into Baxter’s hands, and what he saw amazed him.

“All I remember,” Baxter said, “is looking at that poor little thing, and seeing fingers, and toes, and a face. I saw this was real. I thought, ‘That’s a baby; not something to be discarded.’”

After that moment of staring at the child, Baxter handed the baby back to the nurse and walked away firm in his new pro-life conviction. As a trained medical professional, Baxter says when one sees an actual miscarried child, it becomes very real.

Now retired, Baxter is frustrated with the politicians like Justin Trudeau, who says that any fellow politician who is against abortion can’t run as a liberal. He says they will be expected to vote pro-abortion at all times and that if they open an abortion debate they will be “weeded out.” For Baxter, this is unacceptable.

“’Women’s right to choose’ – that phrase annoys me,” said Baxter. “As it did my wife. […]Do you have a right to destroy a life because you don’t want to carry it?”

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