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South Carolina Abortions Decline Again in 2014

by | Jun 1, 2015

Overall Drop Almost 60% Since 1988

UnbornBabySC1COLUMBIA, SC (May 29, 2015)–The number of abortions occurring in South Carolina dropped again in 2014, according the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control, continuing the overall decline of nearly 60 percent in 26 years.

In its provisional abortion data report for 2014, DHEC shows the number of abortions decreased from 5,878 in 2013 to 5,709 in 2014.

“While we mourn for the loss of the lives of all babies who tragically die because of abortion on demand, we also rejoice when lives are saved,” said Holly Gatling, Executive Director of South Carolina Citizens for Life. “The steady decline in the number of abortions means girls and women are choosing life over death. Life is always the best choice for the baby who has no choice.”

The data shows that 36 abortions performed in 2014 were on babies 20 weeks and older. Research shows unborn children can feel excruciating pain by 20 weeks if not earlier.

South Carolina Citizens for Life works for the passage of life-protecting laws that regulate a largely unfettered abortion industry.

“Our laws ensure that women seeking to end their child’s life by abortion have appropriate information about what abortion is and the alternatives to abortion, such as adoption, that are available to all women facing a difficult pregnancy,” Ms. Gatling said. “Abortion is irreversible. Choosing life for the baby gives both mother and child a better chance at everything. I have never known any woman who regretted the choice for life.”

Ms. Gatling noted there are pregnancy care centers everywhere in our state that offer free assistance to women in crisis pregnancies.

“No woman should ever feel coerced or pressured into having an abortion,” she said. “The pro-life community is here to help the mother and child during and after the pregnancy.”

Since 1988 when the number of abortions in South Carolina peaked at 14,133, the General Assembly has passed 14 life-protecting laws that correlate with the dramatic decline in abortions occurring in our State.

“Legislation saves babies’ lives,” Ms. Gatling said. The graph at shows the laws passed and the correlating drop in abortion numbers. The graph will be updated soon to reflect the 2014 data.