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Canadian government consultation begins on legislative options for Assisted Dying

by | Jul 30, 2015

By Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC)

chochinovOn July 17, the Canadian government appointed an expert panel to examine the Supreme Court of Canada assisted suicide decision, to enable groups and individuals to be part of a consultation and to make recommendations to the government concerning legislative options for assisted suicide legislation.

The consultation website is now online in English and French .

The panel is composed of: Dr Harvey Chochinov, a psychiatrist and palliative care leader, Catherine Frazee, a disability rights leader and past co-director of disability studies at Ryerson University, and Benoit Pelletier, a member of the faculty of law at the University of Ottawa.

EPC is urging all of our supporters to “sign up” for the consultation notifications on the consultation website by entering the required information.

EPC is also urging everyone to submit their thoughts to the consultation. The euthanasia lobby is also urging their members to get involved.

Talking Points:

  • People with disabilities, frail elderly people and those who are dependent on others can be subtly pressured.
  • Canadians need better end-of-life care. Caring Not Killing.
  • Elder abuse has become a scourge on our culture. Euthanasia may become the ultimate form of elder abuse.
  • Euthanasia has accepted for depression or other psychiatric reasons in Belgium and the Netherlands. These are people who need help not death.
  • The law needs to protect Canadians, especially when we are at the most vulnerable time of our lives.

It is important for you to state your opinion now [].


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