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Canadian Medical Association: Vichy of Euthanasia

by | Jul 2, 2015

By Wesley J. Smith

cma_lgreThe Canadian Medical Association has, in short course, gone from resisting euthanasia to being enthusiastic collaborators with the culture of death. Its draft “principles” have no limits to which patients can be killed by doctors. Indeed, there isn’t even a mention of an objective illness, disability, or other malady at all.

From the draft, “Principles Based Approach to Assisted Dying in Canada”:

Patient qualifications for access to medical aid in dying

1.1 The patient must be a competent adult.

1.2 Capacity: The attending physician must be satisfied that: – the patient is mentally capable of making an informed decision at the time of the request(s) – the patient is capable of giving consent to medical aid in dying – communications include exploring the priorities, values and fears of the patient, providing information related to the patient’s diagnosis and prognosis, treatment options including palliative care interventions and answering the patient’s questions.

1.3 Voluntariness:…

1.4 Informed decision: The attending physician must disclose to the patient information regarding their health status, diagnosis, prognosis, the certainty of death upon taking the lethal medication, and alternatives, including comfort care, palliative and hospice care, and pain and symptom control.

This utter abdication of Hippocratic professionalism is even more radical than in the Netherlands and Belgium, which at least gives lip service to patients experiencing actual maladies as a qualification to be made dead.

The CMA:Vichy of the Culture of Death. #collaborators

Editor’s note. This appears on Wesley’s great blog.

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