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Ending The Brutality of Late Abortions

by | Jul 16, 2015

When Planned Parenthood’s senior medical director was caught on video admitting that their abortionists would adapt their late abortion procedures to do them in a way that they could sell the body parts – hearts, lungs, livers, even whole heads – many people were shocked and surprised.

We weren’t.

Sadly, we know all about the business Planned Parenthood is in.  They’re in the business of killing unborn babies.  We know they, like many abortion clinics, sometimes have a problem disposing of the bodies of the unborn babies they kill.  If they can make a few dollars selling parts of those bodies, it’s not surprising at all they would do so.

There have been calls for legislation to stop this grisly practice.  But since the companies that buy these body parts prefer them from older unborn babies, one of the most effective way of at least limiting this abuse would be to pass the national Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.

Think about it:  These companies often specifically look for tissue from unborn babies older than 20 weeks – in other words, they are hunting for and encouraging the abortion of babies old enough to feel excruciating pain when they are aborted!

Our Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, already enacted in 12 states and passed in the U.S. House of Representatives, would ban elective abortions past this age.  And our Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortions Act, passed recently in two states, would further greatly reduce the number of abortions performed at the stages that can produce the large, well-developed organs often desired by the vendors in baby body parts.

Please help us pass these needed laws in more states, and the Pain-Capable bill as it moves to the U.S. Senate. Your financial support can help us educate the American public on the tragedy of these later abortions; activate them to call and write their elected officials to get them to pass these protections; and save many, many lives of precious unborn children who should never be thought of as body parts to be sold after they are dismembered so horribly and callously.

Please help us stop this abuse, and the tragedy of these later abortions with your generous donation today.

Thank you.

Carol Tobias,
National Right to Life President


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